Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reggie Pug

Our beautiful, beloved Reggie pug is paralyzed. We woke up on Thursday morning to find him completely unable to move and rushed him to the vet. He has injured a disk in his neck, and the swelling is pressing on his spinal cord, making him unable to move. Because he is 10 years old, our vet does not recommend surgery for him, the surgery is quite difficult and involves going in through his neck and having to maneuver around his windpipe, vocal cords....and the recovery process is quite painful. So - we are trying laser therapy and accupuncture, along with steroids to reduce the swelling and we are hoping to help him. So far, there is no progress, but we remain hopeful.

It has been such an emotional week for us - there have been so many tears, and we have all been so scared. Reggie has been with us for his whole life, and has brought us so much love and joy. We love him with all our hearts, and losing him is such a painful thought. If anyone reads this, please pray for my Reggie pug, and for us, that we can be strong for him....I simply cannot imagine life without my sweet little man...